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How do people work in a multilingual virtual classroom? A multilingual learning environment using Moodle and Apertium

Antoni Oliver (

Lecturer, Languages and Cultures Department, UOC

Academic Coordinator, Translation and Technologies postgraduate course, UOC

Cristina Borrell (

IN3 researcher, UOC

Project Technician, Linguamón-UOC Chair in Multilingualism


The UOC, within the framework of the Linguamón-UOC Chair in Multilingualism, has developed a virtual learning environment with an integrated machine translation system. Thanks to this project, which works with free software applications Moodle and Apertium, a multilingual learning environment can be provided in Catalan, English, French and Spanish. This environment is to be released under a free software licence. The translator includes a language detector and a pre-editing module that corrects incoming messages, without requiring any intervention from the user. This helps improve the quality of the resulting translations. The whole system has been adapted to the type of text seen in email messages following the prior study of the messages seen on the UOC's forums.


apertium, environment, free software, machine translator, moodle, multilingual

Submission date:  January 2008
Accepted in:  February 2008
Published in:  April 2008

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