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Newsletter issue 2April 2006

Publication of the second issue of UOC Papers

The new issue opens with the lead article by professor Raquel Xalabarder, "Creative Commons Licences: an Alternative to Copyright?", with an introduction by Ignasi Labastida, manager of Creative Commons in Spain. The article analyses the role of Creative Commons licences in regulating intellectual property on the internet.

The articles, reviews and criticisms included in the summary deal with the following subject matters: interactivity on the internet, the knowledge economy, free software and digital literacy.

New: Advanced search

This second issue offers readers the chance to search all the articles published in UOC Papers and the other e-journals from the UOC by author, title, abstract, keyword, date of publication or subject matter.

Call for presentation of articles

The call for the presentation of articles and critical reviews for the third issue of UOC Papers has been opened, with articles offering in-depth critical appraisals of relevant works being particularly welcome.

Proposals have to meet the journal's editorial line (subjects relating to the knowledge society, with applications in or an impact on information and communication technology). Reviews should focus on books published throughout 2005 or 2006. In all cases, the texts have to be original.

The deadline for sending texts in for the next issue (number 3) is June 15 2006 (for publication between the months of September and October 2006), and for the following issue (number 4) January 15 2007 (for publication between the months of March and April 2007).

Both reviews and articles should be sent to The guidelines for publication can be consulted at


UOC Papers has now been indexed on the CBUC (Consortium of Catalan University Libraries) database, in the REBIUN (Spanish University Library Network) collective catalogue, in the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, in the Spanish National Library's Collective Catalogue of Periodical Publications, in the Newjour directory of electronic journals and by UNESCO's Observatory on the Information Society.

Finally, UOC Papers has been accepted in the following directories of scientific journals: Redalyc (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México) and E-Revistas (Spanish National Research Council). Indexing in these two directories is underway.

Facts and figures

Since the publication of the first issue, UOC Papers has received 26,092 visits from nearly 8,500 different unique visitors. To date, a total of 780 subscribers have registered. It is an interdisciplinary electronic journal produced by the UOC which looks to publish original university papers that focus on the conflux of the subject areas dealt with by universities in the knowledge society. The journal also looks to act as a platform for the publicising of new publications and reviews relating to this same area.

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