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Newsletter No. 3 December 2006

An article by Mustapha Cherif on universal values and globalisation opens the new issue of UOC Papers

Issue 3 of UOC Papers has opened with the inaugural lecture for the UOC's 2006-2007 academic year, given by Dr Mustapha Cherif and entitled "Learning to live together". It was preceded by a presentation from the Rector Imma Tubella and concluded with a counterpoint by Xavier Rubert de Ventós, who recently joined the UOC as a researcher. Users can access the virtual debate held in connection with this text, chaired by Adela Ros, UOC researcher, and Eduard Vinyamata, head of the Campus for Peace and Solidarity.

The summary of the journal also includes the following articles: "Optimum online shopping and surfing experiences", by Inma Rodríguez; "Does persuasive communication constitute the communicative paradigm of the knowledge society?", by Ferran Lalueza; "The Barcelona model of e-administration: adoption and institutionalisation", by José Ramón Rodríguez; and "The 2.0 Teacher: teaching and research from the Net", by I. Peña, C. Córcoles and C. Casado; and reviews by Eduard Aibar of the book entitled Reassembling the Social. An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory, by Bruno Latour; and by Salvador Climent of the book entitled On intelligence, by J. Hawkins and S. Blakeslee.

Special issue: health and the Net

In February,UOC Papers will publish a special monographic issue, entitled "Intervention in health on the Net", with the papers presented within the framework of a professional and research seminar that was held on 20 October in Barcelona and which was organised by the PSINET Group (Health Psychology and the Net). The file has been coordinated by Dr Eulàlia Hernàndez, lecturer in Psychology Studies and Education Sciences at the UOC.

Call for the submission of articles

Articles and critical reviews for issue 5 of UOC Papers will be accepted for submission until 1 February 2007. Both articles and reviews may be submitted, but texts that focus on critiques based on recent works linked to the publishing line of the journal will be given preference. In any event, they must adhere to the publication rules, and should be sent to


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