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Newsletter 4 April 2007

Dossier on healthcare and the Internet

Adapting actions in the field of healthcare to the characteristics of the user

Coordinated by Dr Eulàlia Hernández and Dr Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, lecturers in Psychology and Educational Studies at the UOC and researchers with the IN3 PSiNET group, the dossier divides the content over three chapters:

  • Two experiences in the field of smoking addiction
  • Two experiences with a hybrid design, which combines care with virtual and face-to-face action
  • The trend in the use of the Internet as an information source on healthcare and analyses the and FisterraSalud initiatives

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Literature, technology and higher education, and new economic policies of innovation, cores of the new issue

  • Raine Koskimaa, lecturer at the University of Jyväskylä, analyses the changing role of literature and literary discourse in the contemporary media scene.
  • Laura Borràs puts forward the debate on the role of university lecturers in literature and the strategies for adapting to the EHEA.
  • Joan-Elies Adell runs through the bibliography on the relationships between literature and technology.
  • Maria Callejón, from the Ministry of Industry, analyses the position of Spanish companies in the international context in relation to R+D+i and on the design of economic policies aimed at promoting research and innovation.
  • Enric Serradell closes the issue with the review of the book Didáctica universitaria en entornos virtuales de enseñanza-aprendizaje, by G. Bautista, F. Borges and A. Forés. This issue will shortly also include an experience based on virtual forums in the area of tourism.

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Invitation for submission of articles

Deadlines for submission:

  • Issue 5

  • Submission of work: 1 July 2007
    Publication: October 2007
  • Issue 6

  • Submission of work: 15 January 2008
    Publication: March 2008

You can submit both articles and reviews, although texts based on in-depth critiques of recent works connected with the editorial line of the journal will take preference. In any event, they must adhere to the rules of publication and should be sent to

UOC Papers, indexed in three new directories of scientific journals

In line with one of the journal’s priorities – indexing in reference directories and databases that afford it visibility, prestige and impact – UOC Papers has been indexed some weeks ago in Redalyc, a network of Latin American and Caribbean, Spanish and Portuguese scientific journals; in E-revistas, a directory of Spanish and Latin American scientific journals sponsored by the CINDOC-CSIC, and also in Intute, which is an evaluated directory of academic education and research resources that has the support of seven British universities.

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