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 Curriculum Vitae
Faculty of Health Sciences
Anna Bach Faig
 Professor of Nutrition in the Faculty of Health Sciences and researcher in the FoodLab research group
abachfa r r o b

After completing her licenciaturadegree in Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona (UB), Dr Bach-Faig went on to study a master's degree in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Glasgow and a PhD in Public Health at the UB. Her professional career includes participation in multidisciplinary outreach and research projects in the fields of health and nutrition, both on a national and European scale and in public-private partnerships.


She is a professor and coordinator for online health professional training and university programmes with IL3-UB, gora Sanitaria and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She is currently a member of the UOC's Faculty of Health Sciences specializing in Nutrition and serves as director of the Master's Degree in Food for Physical Exercise and Sport. She is also a member of the food and health committee of the Barcelona Association of Pharmacists.


She is a former Mediterranean Diet Foundation research group director for the Institute for Catalan Studies' Catalan Nutrition Centre (CCNIEC) and currently forms part of FoodLab, the UOC's food, nutrition, society and health interdisciplinary research group.


She is a member of the Government of Catalonia's PASS (Plan to Promote Health through Exercise and Healthy Eating) group of experts; the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain's national diet scientific committee; and the Government of Catalonia's Catalan Consumer Agency round table for the prevention of eating disorders.