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 Curriculum Vitae
Arts and Humanities Department
Alba Colombo Vilarrasa
Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
08035 Barcelona (Spain)
+34 932 537 531
acolomboa r r o b
PhD in Social Sciences (2012)  University of Girona, received an special award for his thesis in 2014. Holds a degree in History of Art from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a postgraduate degree in Institution, Business and Cultural Platform Management and Leadership from Pompeu Fabra University, and an official master’s degree in the Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC). She is currently a member of the faculty of the UOC’s Arts and Humanities Department, and also lectures on master’s and postgraduate degree courses at other universities. She actively participates in the European Festival Research Project, and has taken part in the Euro-Festival project on art festivals and the European public culture.
The focal points of her study and research are cultural policies, cultural management strategies, the cultural economy and all aspects of culture as a driving force behind development and social cohesion. She has a long track record of work in the cultural management field, nationally and internationally alike, having collaborated with the Berlin International Film Festival, the European Film Academy, the Cervantes Institute, the Catalan government and the British Council, among others. She has been a member of art criticism websites’ editorial teams, and works with a number of journals and websites specialising in culture.

She is co-director of the ACCIĶN CULTURA collection, published by Ediuoc, and is on the panel of judges for the Ramon Roca Boncompte International Award for Cultural Management Studies, organised by Ros Roca and FiraTārrega.