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Albert Sangrā Morer
asangraa r r o b
Albert Sangrā, Ph.D., is the academic director for the UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change. Professor and researcher at the Open University of Catalonia, Department of Psychology and Education. Member of the founder team of this university (1994-95), where he served as Director, Methodology and Educational Innovation until 2004, being in charge of the educational model of the university; Director of the M.Sc. program in Education and ICT (elearning) (2006-2012), and Director of the eLearn Center (2012-2014). He has worked as a consultant and trainer in several online and blended learning projects in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, focusing on implementation strategies for the use of technology in teaching and learning and its quality. Former Vice-president, European Foundation of Quality on E-Learning (EFQUEL), and member of the Executive Committee of EDEN (2003- 2009). Recipient of the 2015 Award for Excellence in eLearning awarded by the World Education Congress.

He is also currently the director for the Industrial Doctorates Programme at the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya).