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 Curriculum Vitae
IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department
Carlos Monzo Sánchez
 Academic director of the Smart Cities: City and Technology Postgraduate Study
cmonzoa r r o b
Carlos Monzo obtained the title of Technical Engineer of Telecommunications, speciality in Systems of Telecommunication, in 2001, Engineer of Telecommunications in 2003 and PhD. in the program of doctorate 'Technologies of the Information and its management' in 2010 (with nomination to the best theses of the URL) for La Salle Engineering and Architecture, University Ramon Llull (URL). Since 2002 until 2010 he worked in Engineering and Architecture The Salle (URL) where developed docent tasks in Digital Signal Processing subjects and took part in projects of R+D. In 2010 he worked as a project manager and researcher in Digital Barcelona - Technological Centre, participating in different projects of R+D+i. Since finals of 2010 he works as a lecturer in the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in the field of Telecommunication and he is the responsible of the laboratory of Telecommunication and is the main researcher of the research group ITOL (Internet Tools for Online Learning). As a result of the task researcher he has different publications in journals and national and international conferences.