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Elena Barberà Gregori
ebarberaa r r o b

PhD in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (1995) and extraordinary doctorate prize for her doctoral thesis.

Full Professor of the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain) has worked or collaborated with all Catalan universities; she has also collaborated with numerous universities in the Spanish State and international universities, for example, as an associate professor of doctorate at Nova Southeastern University in Florida (USA) for more than 10 years. 

Her research activity is specialized in the field of educational psychology, field in which she has more than 150 publications, conferences and training courses, specifically related to knowledge building processes and educational interaction in online environments, the evaluation of educational quality and evaluation of learning.

She has participated in various national and international projects related to teaching and e-learning from the regulation and educational interaction in countries such as: China, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, United States, Morocco, European Union, among others. 

Between her books:  Assessment and Evaluation of Time Factors in Online Teaching and Learning (2013); Time  in online education (2010); Professional Online Learning Processes (2010); El estilo e-portafolio (2008); Aprender e-learning (2008); La educación en la red: actividades virtuales de enseñanza y aprendizaje (2004); Educar en aulas virtuales (2004); La incógnita de la educación a distancia (2001).