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Web of the faculty and research staff of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
 Other activities / Francesc Nez

- Member of Research into Sociology of Religion (ISOR), a group attached to the UAB’s Department of Sociology, which is directed by Dr. Joan Estruch i Gibert.

- Member of the Governing Board of the Guild of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia (COLPIS) since 2008.

- Member of the Editorial Committee of the journal DIGITHUM. The Humanities in the Digital Age (ISSN:1575-2275) (

- Member of the Editorial Board of the journal mbits de Poltica i Societat (ISSN: 1578-9918) since 2006.

- Member of the Review Committee of the journal Papeles del C.E.I.C. (ISSN: 1695-6494) since 2006.