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 Curriculum Vitae
Psychology and Educational Sciences Department
Iolanda García González
igarciagoa r r o b

She holds a PhD in Pedagogy and a Degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences by the University of Barcelona. She works as associate professor in the Department of Psychology and Education Sciences (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). She has previously been lecturer at the Faculty of Education (University of Barcelona) and coordinator of the innovation department in UOC's eLearn Center (Center for Research, Innovation and Training in e-learning). She has participated in several innovation and research projects at national and international level as well as in scientific committees and review panels.

Her academic background both in research and teaching is related to the design and study of digital technology uses to support collaborative knowledge building and to enhance innovation in education. Currently, she coordinates research projects focused on the design and codesign of learning environments and processes from the learner perspective: design based research of student-centred learning models and scenarios, considering learner participation in the design of one's own learning as well as learning regulation processes. She also studies informal learning through participation in networks and open social environments.

She has participated in several innovation and research projects at national and international level as well as taken part in scientific committees and review panels. Some examples of the research projects are: Co-diseño de un modelo para la regulación social del aprendizaje en entornos abiertos masivos en red (2016-2019); Design2Learn: Estrategias de co-diseño en la universidad para un aprendizaje indagativo basado en el uso intensivo de las TIC (2013-2015); AprenTIC. Usos de las TIC entre los estudiantes universitarios: perspectiva académica y social de los procesos de aprendizaje mediados (2010-2013); ColaboraTIC: La adopción de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación para la construcción colaborativa del conocimiento en el ámbito escolar. Some innovation and development projects that can be highlighted: Co-Ludifica: Patrons de Ludificació per al Co-disseny d’Activitats d’Aprenentatge (2016); Just in time and just for me: hacia la autogestión del aprendizaje en un entorno personal ubicuo (2011-2013), Informe Horizon Iberoamèrica (2009-2012); eKnowledge: desarrollo y monitorización de una herramienta de foro para la construcción cooperativa de conocimiento en el campus virtual de la UOC (2010).