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 Curriculum Vitae
Estudis d'Informtica, Multimdia i Telecomunicaci (EIMT)
Joan Arnedo Moreno
 Full-time lecturer
jarnedoa r r o b

He got his phD from Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya (UPC), in the Computer Architecture program, in 2009. He got his bachelor in computer science and in computer systems, also from UPC, the years 2002 and 1999, respectively. He bacome a Cisco Certification trainer (Cisco Certified Associate Instructor, CCAI) the year 2001.

Lecturer at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), in the Computer Science department from the year 2004. His association with the university dates from 2001,startint his role as teaching consultant. From that year  and up to now, he is the academic director of the postgraduate program linked to the Cisco certification path (Cisco Networking Technologies: CCNA). Apartr from his activities at UOC,  has also been Associate Professor since the year 2002 at UPC and is the author of several open curriculums for Institut Open in Catalonia (IOC) . His teaching activities range from the of field of object-oriented programming to networking and security, from a protocols and application standpoint, as well as a cryptographic one.

Before starting his career in academia, he has worked as a professional from the year 1997. That work includes system administrator (UPC, 1997-2001), cryptographic applications analyst / programmer (UPC, 2001-2001. Inetsecur SL 2003-2004 ) and project leader in the deployment of Public Key Iinfrastructures (PKI) (Fonocom 2002-2003, currently, part of Vodafone).

His research fields include protocolos secrutiry in decentralized systems, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) or sensor (WSN) networks. He is the author of several papers in indexed journals and conferences, both national and international, and has participated in inportant research projectas as a member of the KISON group. He has also been part of the organizing committee in several international conferences. As part of his career, he has had a research stay  in the Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT, Fukuoka, Japan) and the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3, Barcelona, ​​Spain).