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 Other activities / Joan Pujolar

International conferences:

- "New speakers of Catalan and the deethnicization of language". SPLAS Seminar Series 2009-2010. School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures. Samuel Alexander Bldg, A116. University of Manchester. 26 May 2010.

- “Language and identity in the globalized new economy: exploring sociolinguistic change.” Conferncia Annual de Lingstica Aplicada. Universitat de Tallinn. Departament de Llengua i Cultura Estonianes. 24 april 2009. Tallinn, Estnia.

- "Gnere i bilingisme: connectant experincies i teories". Sessi plenria a IGALA-4. Fourth International Gender and Language Association Conference: International Perspectives on Gender. Valencia, 8-10 November 2006.

- "Immigration in Catalonia: marking territory through language" in “Language, Migration and the Re-Theorization of Sociolinguistic Space: towards a research agenda for Applied Linguistics.” BAAL/Cambridge University Press Applied Linguistics Seminar Programme 2006. Leeds, 15-16 June 2006.

- “Moroccan and West-African women in Catalan language courses: issues of identity and power” Departament d’Antropologia. Universitat de Califrnia San Diego. 4 march 2005.

- “Moroccan and West-African women in Catalan language courses: issues of identity and power“ Multicultural Center. California State University Long Beach. 2 march 2005.

- “L'Alphabtisation de femmes marocaines et ouest-africaines en Catalogne: langue et intgration dans un contexte bilingue” Centre de Recherches pour l’ducation Franco-Ontarienne. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Universitat de Toronto. 15 february 2005.

- “Moroccan and West-African women in Catalan language courses: issues of identity and power”. Departament d’Antropologia de la Universitat de Toronto. 3 december 2004.

- “Exercising power and managing subordination: some cross-field connections.” In Words, Worlds and Material Girls: A Workshop on Language, Gender and Political Economy. Organized by Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies del Departament d’Antropologia de la Universitat de Toronto. 15-19 october 2003, Toronto, Canada.

- “Does domination at the social level involve control at the interactional level? More reflections on theory and method in language and gender research” in  International Conference on Perception and Realization in Language and Gender Research organized by Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics (COSWL) and the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) in 2003 Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute a la Michigan State University. 19-20 july 2003, East Lansing (Michigan), USA.

- “The micropolitics of everyday life: struggles over gender and language in Barcelona youth cliques” in Queen Mary and Westfield College de la Universitat de Londres. 25 march 2003, London.

- “The poliphony of everyday speech: Voicing genders, ethnicities and class in Barcelona.” In the project “The other Europes, Europe’s others” del Kahn Liberal Arts Institute, Smith College, Massachusetts. 25 october de 2002, Northampton (Mass.), USA.

- Participant invitat: British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Special interest group on Linguistic Ethnography Second research seminar. University of Wales Conference Centre, Gregynog. 27-28 April, 2002.

- “El catal a la xarxa: reptes i oportunitats.” Departament d’Estudis Romnics Universitat de Colonia. Germany. 11 May 2001, Germany.

- “La llengua dels joves a Barcelona”. Organized by Centre d’Estudis Catalans de la Universitat de la Sorbona. 11 May 1999, Pars.

- Conferenciant invitat: "Language Policies and Practices in Catalonia" Universitat de Crdiff. 4 de Febrer de 1994, Crdiff..

Comunications in international congress:

- Roger Martnez, Joan Pujolar & Isaac Gonzlez “Normality and power: young people’s mapping out of linguistic reality in Catalonia”. Annual Meeting of the Anglo-Catalan Society. Barcelona, 17-19 december 2010.

- “The Use of the Literary Heritage in the Territorialization of Minority Languages.” Session Title: Haque, E and Patrick, D. (convenors) The Territorialization of Language: Discourse, Policy, and Practice. 109th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Society. New Orleans, 16-21 November 2010.

- “Representations of minority languages in tourist contexts: a political-economic perspective.” Sociolinguistic Symposium 18. Southampton, 1-4 september 2010.

- “Globalisation and Localisation in Catalan Companies' Language Policies”, with Strubell, Miquel & Mar,  Isidor .” LINEE Conference: New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe. Dubrovnik, 11-15 april 2010.

- “Marketizing minority languages and identities in tourist contexts: discursive changes and tensions.” LINEE Conference: New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe. Dubrovnik, 11-15 april 2010.

- “Local development, tourism, and the commodification of languages and cultures” in Linguistic enclaves as sociolinguistic labs: the effect of language policies on local development, language status, language competence and language form. Language Policy and Language Learning conference, University of Limerick. 18-20 June 2009. Limerick, Irlanda.

-“Marketizing Minority Languages in Tourist Contexts”, with Kathryn Jones in AILA 2008 The 15th World Congress of Applied Linguistics. 24-29 august 2008. Essen, Germany.

- “Language, Identity and Tourism in Minority Contexts” in Language as social practice in the globalized new economy. Sociolinguistics Symposium 17.  3-5 April 2008. Amsterdam, Holland.

- "The Political Economy of Tourist Texts", with Monica Heller. 8th International Pragmatics Conference organized by IPrA. 9-13 July 2007 Gteborg.

- “Immigrants in a bilingual context: issues of identity and power in a Catholic charity.” In “Immigration and Multilingual Language Practices in Institutional Settings: Issues of Identity and Power.” Sociolinguistic Symposium 16. Limerick, Ireland. 6-8 July 2006.

- “Linguistic interposition in the field of language teaching for immigrants in Catalonia.” In AILA 2005 The 14th World Congress
of Applied Linguistics.
Madison, Wisconsin, 24-29 July 2005, USA.

- “The discourses on the future of the Catalan language: a critical analysis.” In “Idologie et discours sur la protection des langues”. In Les enjeux sociaux de la linguistique applique, Colloque de la VALS/ASLA. Neuchtel, 16 – 18 september 2004.

- "Teaching language skills to immigrants in a bilingual context: issues of identity and power” in 8 Congrs Internacional de Pragmtica de la Associaci Internacional de Pragmtica. 14-18 July 2003 in Toronto, Canada.

- “The discourse on multiculturalism: the old wolf with a new sheep’s skin? in International Conference on Discourse Analysis and Social Research, organized by Business School of Copenhagen. Srup Herregaard, Denmarck, 24-26 september de 1998.

- “The ideological investment of bilingual practice in face-to-face interaction” with Joan Argenter in  6a Conferncia Internacional de Pragmtica de la IPrA. Reims, France, 19-24 July 1998.

- "Mapping out Multilingual Practice in Barcelona: experiences, representations, theories and methods" in Sociolinguistic Symposium 10, Universitat de Lancaster. 22-24 March 1994.

- "Discourse practices amongst young working-class people in Barcelona: theoretical and methodological considerations." in  Annual General Meeting de BAAL (British Association for Applied Linguistics). 10-12 September 1993.

- "Ethnographic Research on Bilingualism: Applications for Language Planning" in AILA'93 (Association Internationale de Linguistique Applique) in Amsterdam. 8-14 August 1993.

- "The effect of migration on the patterns of language use in Catalonia" in "5ena Conferncia Internacional sobre Llenges Minoritries" in Cardiff. 5-9 July 1993.

- "Language Choice Patterns in Equal Encounters among Bilingual University Students in Catalonia" in "II International Conference on Maintenance and Loss of Minority Languages" in Noordwijkerhout, Holland. 1-4 September 1992.

Pannels in international congress:

- I International Seminar Discourse Studies: Critique and Decolonization. Madrid, 24-25 March, 2011.

- “Codeswitching and the construction of identities” in the Summer School on Codeswitching de Pavia, organized by 'European Science Foundation: Network on Codeswitching and Language Contact. 9-13 September 1992.

- "Symposium on Code-switching in Bilingual Studies: Theory, Significance and Perspectives" organized with European Science Foundation: Network on Codeswitching and Language Contact. March 1991.

National congress & conferences:

- “Turisme cultural i minories lingstiques.” II Jornades Mediterrnies i V Taula Rodona d’Histria: Identitats, pobles, Mediterrnia. El turisme en el context de la crisi. Institut d’Estudis Catalans - Ctedra UNESCO de Llenges i Educaci, Centre Internacional Escarr per a les Minories tniques i les Nacions (CIEMEN), grup d’estudis histrics i socials Historia, Universitat d’ Udine, Provncia d’Udine & Cambra de Comer d’Udine. Barcelona, 4 november 2010.

- “Llengua i joves. Usos i percepcions lingstics de la joventut catalana” in “La recerca sociolingstica en l’mbit de la llengua catalana”. Xarxa CRUSCAT de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Barcelona, 27-28 january 2011.

- “Trajectries i perfils lingstics dels joves Catalans.” In "El catal mola?" Competncies, representacions i usos de la llengua en l’mbit juvenil. Departament de Filologia catalane. Universitat Rovira i Virgili. 11-12 november 2010, Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona.

- With Roger Martnez "Entre la identitat i el pragmatisme lingstic. Usos i percepcions lingstics dels joves catalans." Secci Filolgica de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Barcelona, 17 september 2010.

- “L’observaci participant: principis i prctica,” sessi de l’assignatura Investigaci Educativa de 4t de Pedagogia. 14 may 2007. Universitat de Girona.

- “Competncies lingstiques i desigualtats socials.” in 6enes Jornades de la Xarxa temtica sobre Educaci Lingstica i Formaci d'Ensenyants en contextos Multiculturals i Multilinges. Aproximacions a la competncia multilinge. 11-12 may 2006- Bellaterra.

- "Els discursos sobre el futur del catal: som on rem?" In "Diversitat lingstica: Els fets, els discursos, la gesti (II)." Ctedra UNESCO de Llenges i Educaci. 3 february 2004, Barcelona.

- “La promoci de la llengua catalana: dubtes i reptes des d'una perspectiva crtica” in IV Jornada Concepcions i processos de la promoci de les llenges: la perspectiva catalana organized by Centre de Documentaci i Estudis sobre les Llenges d'Europa i de la Mediterrnia (CDELlEM) - Institut de Llengua i Cultura Catalanes, Universitat de Girona. 11 may 2002, Girona.

- “Identitat i interferncia lingstica entre joves catalans” in  Quart Colloqui Lingstic de la Universitat de Barcelona (CLUB-4) organized by Departament de Lingstica Catalana de la Universitat de Barcelona. 9 december 1996.

Comunications in national congress:

- “Recollida de dades i relaci amb els participants d’un estudi” in “Seminari sobre anlisi de dades orals” organized by CAD-UAB. 17 april 1997.

- "Gnere i llengua en la cultura juvenil: els joves del Carmel i de la Verneda." 18 June 1996.

- "Planificaci lingstica: un contrasentit?" in Congrs Europeu de Planificaci Lingstica organized by Institut de Sociolingstica Catalana. November 1995.

- Presentaci: "L'estudi de les normes d's des de l'Anlisi Crtica del Discurs" in sessi de seminari del Grup Catal de Sociolingstica. 15 January 1993.