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 Curriculum Vitae
Faculty of Economics and Business
Julie Wilson
 Deputy director of Research
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Julie Wilson (Berkshire, UK, 1975) holds a Ph.D in Human Geography from the University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom. She is currently Associate Professor in the area of Economics and Business Studies at the UOC, where she teaches in the field of the tourism and sustainability. Since 2003, she has been an active member of the Spatial Analysis and Tourism Studies Research Group (GRATET) at the Rovira and Virgili University, recognised as a Consolidated Research Group of the Catalan Regional Government.


Her research has been accredited at Associate Professor level (Professor Agregat, AQU) and her research interests include the role of tourism and leisure in the transformation and sociospatial evolution of landscapes (urban and rural), the role of culture and creativity in new forms of sustainable tourism development, and evolutionary economic geography as a conceptual framework in urban and regional tourism development.


She has published ten edited books and more than 40 articles and book chapters with internationally-recognised publishers and in international peerreviewed journals including Urban Studies, Tourism Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Geographies and Current Issues in Tourism.




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  • MOVETUR: Efectos de la Transformacin de las Pautas de Movilidad Global en la Evolucin de los Destinos Tursticos. PLAN NACIONAL de I+D+i, MINISTERIO DE CIENCIA E INNOVACIN REF: CSO201451785R Duration: 20152017 PI: Dr Salvador Anton Clav Participation type: research team
  • GLOBALTUR: Turismo, movilidad residencial y competitividad territorial. Respuestas locales a las dinmicas de cambio global. IP: Dr. Salvador Anton Clav. GRATET, Universidad Rovira i Virgili. Plan Nacional. Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad. Ref: CSO201123004/GEOG. Duration: 20122014. Participation type: research team
  • Nuevas tendencias en la produccin y el consumo de espacios tursticos en el litoral mediterrneo espaol. GRATET, Universidad Rovira i Virgili. Programa Beatriu de Pins BPDGR 2008 (AGAUR). Ref: BPB00185. Duration: 20102012. Participation type: lead researcher
  • INOVATUR: Innovacin territorial y modelos de desarrollo en destinos tursticos litorales. Anlisis a diferentes escalas espaciales. IP: Dr. Salvador Anton Clav. GRATET, Universidad Rovira i Virgili. Plan Nacional. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacin. Ref: CSO200801699/GEOG. Duration: 20092010. Participation type: research team
  • CIUTAT: Tourism, Culture and the Production of Urban Space: Changing Images, Shifting Meanings? IP: Dr Julie Wilson. UE Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellowship and Batista i Roca AngloCatalan Postdoctoral Fellowship (fases empricas financiadas por British Academy Research Grants Programme, Reino Unido). Duration: 2003 2007. Participation type: lead researcher
  • Urban transformations, creativity and tourism: the case of the Faena Arts District, Buenos Aires, Argentina. IP: Dra Julie Wilson, GRATET, Universidad Rovira i Virgili. UWE Bristol / Higher Education Funding Council of England. Duration: 2010 – present. Participation type: lead researcher
  • Urban space, tourism and the ‘creative class’ debate: A comparative analysis of US and EU cities. IP: Dr Julie Wilson, GRATET, Universidad Rovira i Virgili. USEU Fulbright Commission, FulbrightSchuman Advanced Research Programme. Duration: 20082009. Participation type: lead researcher



International Conference Papers:

  • Wilson, J. Sanz Ibaez, C. ad Aton Clav, S. (2015) Exploring the ‘moments’ model of tourism destination evolution, presented at the Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography (Session: Tourism, innovation and regional development), University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • (2014) Tourism Destination Evolution: What Role do Moments Have in Change? Presented at the 23rd Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • (2013) An Evolutionary Approach to Coastal Resort Transformation. Association of American Geographers 2013 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.
  • (2012) Urban Restructuring Policies in Consolidated Tourism Destinations: An Evolutionary Approach, 21st Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research, Ume, Sweden.
  • (2012) SocioSpatial Transformations in Consolidated Mediterranean Tourism Resorts, presented at the Association of American Geographers 2012 Annual Meeting, New York City, USA, February