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 Curriculum Vitae
Economics and Management
Lluis Garay Tamajon
 Associate Professor. Director of the NOUTUR Research Group. New Perspectives in Tourism and Leisure
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Llus Garay Tamajn (Sabadell, 1975). Doctor in Economics from the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona (UAB). Currently is the director of the NOUTUR Research Group (New Perspectives in Tourism and Leisure) at the UOC, where he also teaches in the fields of economic history and tourism. Previously he has been the director of the Second Cycles in Management and Labor Sciences of the UOC as well as director of the Degree in Labor Relations and of the Master in Corporate Social Responsibility. Since 2010, he is also a collaborating professor at the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the UAB. His teaching has been recognized with the acquisition of three teaching sections.

His research interests focus on the social transformations derived from tourism development. Also in the analysis of the motivations, barriers and results of the introduction of measures of Corporate Social Responsibility in the small and medium tourist company, in the transition towards new forms of tourist production (with special emphasis on sustainability and impact to the territory) as well as in the processes of creation and development of the image of the tourist destinations and the role that these have different interest groups (especially the residents). The results of this research are various publications in national and international indexed journals as well as different presentations at scientific congresses. Its complete scientific production is consultable to the following enlla.


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2018-2018; Reconeixement i anlisi dels moviments ciutadans de resistncia i protesta davant els impactes del creixement del capitalisme de plataforma turstic. El cas de la ciutat de Barcelona. UOC y Fundaci La Caixa. IP: Llus Garay.

2018-2020; Economa colaborativa y espacios tursticos: contribuciones, transformaciones y retos Direccin General de Investigacin Cientfica y Tcnica. Subdireccin General de Proyectos de Investigacin. Ministerio de Economa y Competitividad (G60667813). IP: Soledad Morales y Francesc Gonzlez.

2017-2019; Turismo de Interior en Espaa: Retos, valorizacin y estrategias ante situaciones cambiantes y de crisis para impulsar productos y destinos tursticos. Dinmicas y evolucin de diferentes casos de estudio. Programa estatal de Investigacin, Desarrollo e innovacin orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad. Direccin General de Investigacin Cientfica y Tcnica. Subdireccin General de Proyectos de Investigacin. Ministerio de Economa y Competitividad (CSO2016-74861-R). IP: Gemma Cnoves.

2016-2018; IdEATE – Improved Employability and Apprenticeship in the Tourism Sector. H2020 Pilot Project Youth on the Spot "Special Partnership on Tourism". European Commission. Research & Innovation. GROW-EIP-GEN. Number: 738314. IP: Soledad Morales.

2013-2016; Reconversin, revalorizacin y reinvencin de espacios tursticos interiores de Espaa. Anlisis de casos y formulacin de estrategias ante la crisis (CSO2013-41374-R). IP: Gemma Cnoves

2009-2012: Turismo, territorio e identidad: procesos de revalorizacin de espacios y actividades en el medio rural espaol. Un anlisis comparativo de los casos de Catalua, Galicia y Murcia. Plan Nacional I D Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacin (CSO2009-11793).  IP: Gemma Cnoves

2005-2008: El valor del lugar en la nueva geografa rural. Un anlisis de las respuestas a los procesos de cambio en los espacios rurales a travs de los estudios de casos en Espaa. Plan Nacional I D Ministerio de Educacin y Ciencia (CSO2009-2011). IP: Gemma Cnoves

2000-2003: Desarrollo turstico Rural y revalorizacin sociocultural y medioambiental en Catalua, Galicia y las Islas Baleares. DGES. IP: Gemma Cnoves


Garay, Llus i Soledad Morales (2018). User engagement in Festivals’ Virtual Brand Communities: Snar festival Twitter and Facebook. Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo Juiol 2018

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