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Psychology and Educational Sciences Department
Marcelo Fabián Maina
 Programme Director of Master's Degree in Education and ICTs (e-learning)
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Research Group:

PhD in the  Information and Knowledge Society Programme  from the  Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Master in Communication Sciences from Université de Montreal (Canada), and BA in Communications and Education from Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos (Argentina).

Associate professor of Educational Technology at the Department of Psychology and Education at UOC, he teaches courses of the  Master in Education and ICT (e-learning) and related e-learning programs, and in the Máster in Quality Management and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Researcher of the  Edul@b research group (UOC) and associate researcher of the  LICEF Research Center (Télé-université, Canada). He has participated in numerous European projects regarding technologies, education, and lifelong learning. His research encompasses such topics as learning ecologies, learning design methods and tools, emerging digital pedagogies, personalized learning, and open education.  On these and other related subjects he has made presentations at international conferences and published articles and book chapters. He has been invited to several conferences in Latin America and published his research in conference proceedings, journal articles, and book chapters. Marcelo_Maina

He serves on numerous committees (e.g., International Seminar UNESCO Chair in  Education and Technology for Social Change) and review panels (e.g., International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning). He has participated in conference scientific committees (e.g., Annual Conference European Distance Education Network), as well as a reviewer in teaching innovation symposiums (e.g., International Symposium of University Teaching).