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 Curriculum Vitae
Nathalie Bittoun Debruyne
 French professor of the School of Languages
Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
08035 Barcelona (Spain)
nbittouna r r o b

Nathalie Bittoun Debruyne is European PhD in French Studies and her research includes the teaching of French and French, Spanish and Catalan translation. Her research focuses on comparative literature, particularly during the eighteenth century, and especially in the field of theatre analysis of translations and adaptations based on the contexts of production and reception, reception of authors and genres, image of the other in diferent cultures.
As a translator, she has published versions of Jules Verne, Molière, Jean-Paul Sartre, René Char, etc., and French versions of Catalan poets such as Antoni Clapés, Víctor Sunyol, Francesc Parcerisas, Josep M. Sala-Valldaura ...

She is head of the French Language School, affiliated to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Open University of Catalonia. Specialist in translation and reception of French literature in Spain and Catalonia, she has participated in several international projects on literary and historical relations between France and Spain, cultural receptions, etc. She is the author of numerous articles in her various areas of expertise, especially the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
She has recently participated in a CSIC research project about the image of Spain in the European literature of the nineteenth century.