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 Curriculum Vitae
Psychology and Educational Sciences Department
Nati Cabrera Cabrera Lanzo
 Director of the University Master's Degree Program in Evaluation and Quality Management in Higher Education (UOC-AQU)
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Law degree from the University of Barcelona.

PhD in Education from the University of Barcelona, (Department of Teaching and Learning and Educational Organization – thesis on the impact of ICT-based training in adult education).

She has worked in the education sector for 25 years and in the university sector for the last 20, first at Pompeu Fabra University and then at the UOC.

She has developed and directed many research projects and consultancy related to the use of ICTs in education, both nationally and internationally.

Her current research areas are linked to organizational and management models for Education, learning and teaching evaluation, quality evaluation and management and impact assessment from educational, economic and social perspectives.

She is currently Academic Deputy Director at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences and Director of the University Master's Degree in Quality Management and Evaluation in Higher Education. She is also member of the Edul@b research group at the UOC’s eLearn Center.