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 Curriculum Vitae
Faculty of Information and Communication
Antoni Roig Telo
 Academic Director of Lifelong Learning in the field "Cinema-Audiovisual"
Rambla del Poblenou, 156
08018 Barcelona (Spain)
93 326 36 00
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  • Doctor in Information and Knowledge Society for the UOC (2008), with the PhD thesis "Cap al cinema col.laboratiu: pràctiques culturals i formes de producció participatives (Towards collaborative cinema: media practices and forms of participatory production".
  • Advanced Studies Degree (2002). PhD programme on Information and Knowledge Society offered by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
  • Media and Communication Studies Degree. Universitat Ramon Llull (1999).
  • Media Projects Management Postgraduate Degree. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1994).
  • Telecomunications Engineering Technical Degree. Universidad Ramon Lull (1992).

Professor in the Information and Communication Department since 1999. Media and communication programme director since it was first offered (2002). Currently designing the media innovation postgraduate programme, to be launched in october 2009.

Research interests

My research interests revolve around new forms of media creation and production, from an industrial as well as social environments, particularly in those processes related to 'digital cinema'. From this general framework, I list my particular interests as follows:
  • Participatory culture related to media and cross-media entertainment.
  • New media as a context for the interrelation between emergent and established media forms.
  • Redefinition of roles and traditional limits regarding media production and consumption.
  • New forms of independent media production and self-production.
  • Media fiction produced by fans.
  • Machinima.
  • Issues regarding innovation, cultural industries an new talent.

Recent publications  

  • Roig, A; San Cornelio, G; Ardevol, E; Pages, P.; Alsina, P. (2009). Videogame as media practice: an exploration of the intersections between play and audiovisual culture, in Convergence: the international journal of research into new media technologies.
  • Roig, Antoni (2008). Industrias audiovisuales y nuevos medios, in Duran, J. i Sánchez, L. (eds.), Industrias de la comunicación audiovisual. Barcelona: Publicacions i edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Roig, Antoni (2007). New media practices on the Internet: defining 'clip culture', redefining media, in Sánchez Navarro, J (ed.), Horitzó TV. Barcelona: edicions de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.
  • Ardèvol, E.; Roig, A., San Cornelio, G.; Pagés, R.; Alsina, P.  (2007). Cultura lúdica i pràctiques mediàtiques [articulo en línea]. In Digithum. Núm. 9. UOC. [Data de consulta: 15/01/09].
  • Roig, Antoni (2006). ¡Prodúcete a tí mismo! Televisión, Internet y la emergencia de la “cultura de clip”’ in La televisión no lo filma. Sevilla: Fundación Zemos.
  • Roig, Antoni (2005). Cinema contemporani, Internet i nous media: interaccions i complicitats en l'era digital, in Tripodos, Extra 2005: 825-838. Barcelona: Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació Blanquerna.