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 Curriculum Vitae
Psychology and Educational Sciences Department
Modesta Pousada Fernndez
mpousadaa r r o b

I'm lecturer in Psychological Processes and History of Psychology of the Psychology and Education Department of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Before that I completed my degree in Psychology at the Universitat de Barcelona (1990), where I also worked as researcher and lecturer at the Department of Experimental Psychology (1991-2001). There, I obtained my PhD in Psychology with the doctoral dissertation "Spanish Legal Medicine Contributions to the problem of mental illness: an historical perspective (1783-1874)".

I'm member of PSiNET (Psychology, Health & the Net), which is a research group of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, Open University of Catalonia (UOC-IN3). Its main objective is the analysis of the psychological aspects associated with the use of ICT in relation to health and the quality of life of people.

The group was constituted in 2002 around a project focused on the analysis of Internet content about health issues, and since that moment we have worked on the analysis of lifestyles, health and quality of life of people, and also on different approaches to the use of Internet to improve knowledge, promotion and processes of health care and diseases. The current work lines of the group are linked to the promotion of healthy lifestyles through the Internet;  Social Media, Rare Diseases and the processes of collective intelligence;  and  the relation between Cognitive Processes and technological systems.