International Seminar
e-Learning Around the World: Achievements,
Challenges and Broken Promises

7 June 2013 at Caixa Forum Barcelona


This international seminar aims to provide an international perspective on the state of the art of e-learning and encourage critical reflection from different points of view. Emphasis will be placed on the description of the most common uses of ICTs in teaching and learning in higher education worldwide through expert contributions from Canada, United States, Europe and Israel.

The future challenges for the use of e-learning in different contexts will be discussed – both the technological and, above all, the educational challenges.

The seminar is to involve the members of the eLearn Center's Scientific Committee, who are internationally renowned experts in e-learning from the aforementioned countries.

Beyond the use of technology, methods and educational experiences, the speakers will also provide a wider vision and address the issue of the social implications of the use of e-learning in today's society. The possibility of making education accessible via the web, and other technological means, to those people who have been excluded for years has direct implications for society; not only because it fosters the individuals' educational improvement, but also because it allows for the creation of new social relations, as knowledge is now transferable and accessible in a much faster way and is reaching many more people than it was 20 years ago.

This international perspective will help participants find out how their research and innovation in e-learning compares to other regions of the world and identify the best tools and methods for making the most of e-learning in higher education.

This exchange of ideas and views will be highly rewarding for participants and allow them to plan new ways to innovate in e-learning in their institutions and develop new lines of research addressed to improving it. It will open avenues for the detection of possible collaborations between the attendees from different universities.

The seminar is aimed, in particular, at academics, researchers, university vice presidents, deans, faculty, doctoral students and professionals working in the field of distance education and e-learning in universities and higher education institutions.