Suggested Readings

Here we will share some interesting readings related to the topic of the Seminar. Some of the readings will be suggestions of the keynote speakers and demo presenters. We encourage you to propose any interesting reading you might find or know. We will update the list often.

Explorations of Creativity. A review for educators and policy making. | WISE Qatar

School-Based Cirruculum Development in Scotland: Curriculum Policy and Enactment | Mark Priestley

New National Curriculum's Unanswered Questions | The Guardian

How Do We Measure what Really Counts in the Classrom? | Cathy Davidson

The Costs of Shanghai's Education Success Story | Jiang Xueqin

Manifesto for a New Culture of Learning | Goldie Blumenstyk (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Show Me Your Badge | Kevin Carey (New York Times)

A Future Full of Badges | Kevin Carey (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Higher Education. Creative Destructrion | The Economist

Grading Teachers, with Data from the Class | Farhad Manjoo (New York Times)

The Evolving Curriculum. Measuring Effectiveness of Change | Inside Higher Ed

A Curriculum for the Selfie Generation | Dan Berrett (Chronicle of Higher Education) 

Differing Schools of Thought: Controversy over Education Curricula | Euronews

UNESCO-IBE Shares Curriculum Insights on Euronews | International Bureau of Education - UNESCO

Cross-Curricular Themes and Curriculum Reform in Hong Kong: Policy as Disclosure | Paul Morris, K K Chan

Does Holding Back Kids a Year Help Them Accademically? No. But Schools Still Do It | Valerie Strauss (The Washington Post)

Meet the Smarty-Pants Kids Who Stopped Going to Class and the Teachers Were Like, "That's Cool" | Morgan Shoaff (Upworthy)

Capacity-Building for Curriculum Specialists in East and South-Asia | International Bureau of Education - UNESCO

Start School Early and Provide for Them Throughout | Geoffrey Canada (The New York Times)

Why So Many Kids Can't Sit Still in School Today | Valerie Strauss (The Washington Post)

How Helicopter Parents Are Ruining College Students | Amy Joyce (The Washington Post)

Online University Skips Class to Be More Accessible | Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

"A Holy Curiosity": We Can Vastly Improve Education by Teaching This One Skill | Dan Rothsteing (Cognoscenti)