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Software libre para servicios de información digital

Jesús Tramullas

Piedad Garrido


The main aim of this book is so that users with basic computing knowledge can become able in a short space of time to install and administer the applications needed to set up a digital information service or a shared platform that allows information and knowledge to be shared between users. Each chapter provides a brief introduction about what the tool in question can do and what it can be used for, followed by an explanation of the simplest installation process and basic notions on how to administer and monitor it.

The second aim is for readers to lose their fear of installing, configuring and administering a digital information service. Satisfaction at seeing the result of one's work in operation is supreme and will encourage readers to take on more complex tasks. The idea is not to be afraid of breaking anything or ruining the installation, since the aim is to learn through trial and experimentation.

The third, and no less important, aim is to help readers lose their fear of learning more and going greater in depth. Once they have seen that the tool works, they get the "bug" and want more, getting into a dynamic of searching for complementary information, and consulting user group websites and specialist forums where other users have been posting reams of notes and where they will probably find the answer to their needs.


CMS, content management, digital information service, digital libraries, documentary databases, free software, information and communication technologies (ICT)

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Title: Software libre para servicios de información digital
Author: Jesús Tramullas, Pilar Garrido
Publication:Madrid: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006
ISBN: 84-8322-299-x, 978-84-8322-299-7


Capítulo 1. Fundamentos
Capítulo 2. Planificación, diseño y desarrollo de servicios
Capítulo 3. Foros: PHPBB
Capítulo 4. Wikis: MEDIAWIKI
Capítulo 5. Gestión de contenidos, 1: ZOPE
Capitulo 6. Gestión de contenidos, 2: TYPO3
Capitulo 7. Portales, 1: PHP-NUKE
Capítulo 8. Portales, 2: PLONE
Capítulo 9. Trabajo colaborativo: Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW)
Capítulo 10. Bibliotecas digitales: Greenstone
Capítulo 11. Bases de datos documentales: ISIS
Capítulo 12. Formación en línea: MOODLE

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