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Electronic literature: new horizons for the literary

N. Katherine Hayles


This book, with its related website and accompanying CD featuring volume 1 of the Electronic Literature Collection, is intended to help electronic literature move into the classroom. For someone teaching a course on contemporary literature, for example, it can be used along with a unit on electronic literature as an increasingly important part of the twenty-first-century canon. The book may also serve courses devoted to the digital arts or those focusing specifically on electronic literature. While the Electronic Literature Collection is also available at the Electronic Literature Organization's website (, its inclusion here is meant to facilitate access for students who do not find it convenient to have internet connections while on campus or at other times. There is also a long tradition in the literary community of cherishing the book as a physical object, and the CD, with its silk-screened original design, helps usher that tradition into the digital realm.


Electronic Literature, Literature and TIC, contemporary literature

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CHAPTER 1. Electronic Literature: What Is It?
CHAPTER 2. Intermediation: From Page to Screen
CHAPTER 3. Contexts for Electronic Literature: The Body and the Machine
CHAPTER 4. Revealing and Transforming: How Electronic Literature Revalues Computational Practice
CHAPTER 5. The Future of Literature: Print Novels and the Mark of the Digital

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