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"Web Science" Dossier

Trust on the Web: Some Web Science Research Challenges

Kieron O'Hara (

Senior research fellow in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

Wendy Hall (

Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom)


Web Science is the interdisciplinary study of the World Wide Web as a first-order object in order to understand its relationship with the wider societies in which it is embedded, and in order to facilitate its future engineering as a beneficial object. In this paper, research issues and challenges relating to the vital topic of trust are reviewed, showing how the Web Science agenda requires trust to be addressed, and how addressing the challenges requires a range of disciplinary skills applied in an integrated manner.


Web Science, privacy, trust

Submission date:  September 2008
Accepted in:  September 2008
Published in:  October 2008

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