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Web Science

Julià Minguillón (coord.) (jminguillona@uoc.edu)

Lecturer at the UOC's Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department


The internet is now a constant in all parts of life and at all levels: personal, academic and professional. In only a few years, the internet has changed the way we relate, study, work, shop, spend our free time, etc. The web, the collection of resources accessible over the internet, has become a gargantuan oracle where people search, create and share information on any subject, and where they communicate globally, breaking down the barriers of time and space. The possibility of being connected almost all the time from anywhere means that users have a perception of the web as something that is always available to cover any need. The rapid evolution of the technology available, both hardware and software, together with its relatively low cost, means that ever more users access the web and use it for more reasons.


Web Science, e-learning, trust

Submission date:  September 2008
Accepted in:  September 2008
Published in:  October 2008

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