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PhD programme on the Information
and Knowledge Society
Third cycle programme


Digitally-based information and communication technologies developed during the second half of the last century and which are constantly being updated, have been introduced into all fields of human activity: culture, economics, education, the media, business management, public services administration and the functioning of the political system. Analysis of the uses of these technologies in the different fields and the profound transformations that accompany them is key to understanding today's society and carrying out professional activity within it.

The connection between the different social, economic, political and cultural systems means that traditional disciplinary barriers have to be overcome if we want to conduct a thorough analysis. Consequently, this PhD programme is based on an interdisciplinary point of view that integrates different theoretical perspectives and a range of methodological tools.

Specifically, the PhD programme on the Information and Knowledge Society, designed according to guidelines established by the Royal Decree that regulates postgraduate courses (Royal Decree 56/2005, of 21 January 2005), defines this interdisciplinary perspective based on the relationship between the PhD Programme and the Research Groups recognised by the UOC. Consequently, these groups offer a limited number of places, be they distance or face-to-face, to join one of its research lines or projects.

These places will offer students who take them the necessary conditions to conduct academic research that leads to the presentation and defence of a PhD thesis on one of the aspects that characterise the Information and Knowledge Society.