Call for abstracts


Conference Themes

Presentations are invited from all areas of experience and on case studies of youth development, democracy, peace education, poverty reduction and human rights by governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The thematic areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Peace education
  • Sport as a tool for conflict resolution
  • Conflict in organisations
  • Family conflicts
  • Educational conflicts
  • Crisis management
  • Armed conflicts
  • Youth non-violence and leadership
  • Human rights


Call for Abstracts

Registered participants are welcome to submit abstracts for presentation at the 6th International Congress on Conflictology and Peace.

The conference will provide an opportunity for professionals, students and relevant stakeholders to present abstracts based on the conference's themes.


Abstract Guidelines

  • The abstract must be in English and Catalan or Spanish.
  • The maximum length of the abstract is 500 words.
  • The document should be a Word document, in Arial 11.
  • A title for the presentation must be included at the left top of the abstract, in Arial 12 bold.
  • A total of 5 key words should be included below the title of the abstract. (Avoid repeating words from the title.)
  • The name of the author, their email address and telephone number must be included at the end of the abstract.



Abstracts must be submitted by 29 July 2013. Abstracts will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance or rejection of the abstracts will be sent by 8 August.



Once your abstract has been selected, you need to send your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to The deadline for receipt of presentations is 13 September 2013.

The presentation should contain a maximum of 12 slides.

At the conference, speakers will be limited to 15 minutes for their presentations, including a question-and-answer session at the end.