Open summary, issue 4 (2007)

Open summary (iss. 4, 2007)


The use of the Internet in healthcare, focus of a new section: the dossier


Cybertext challenge: teaching literature in the digital world, by Raine Koskimaa. Presentation by Laura Borràs


Health interventions on the Internet, coordinated by E. Hernndez and B. Gmez-Ziga

Introduction: A study of health interventions on the Internet, by E. Hernndez and B. Gmez-Ziga

  1. Experiences in online intervention in one field: tobacco addiction, by J.M. Suelves
  2. Experiences of hybrid-design online interventions, by M. Armayones and N. Guillamn
  3. Health portals, by P. Roqu

Conclusions: State of the art and prospects for the future, by M. Pousada, L. Valiente and M. Boixads


Hacia una nueva concepcin de los estudios literarios en el espacio europeo de enseanza superior (EHEA), by Laura Borrs

R&D, innovation and public policy: towards a new economic policy for innovation, by Maria Callejn

analysis and debate

A bibliographic review of relations between literature and technology. The state of the art at Spanish universities, by Joan-Elies Adell

Greening-Turisme: a platform for exchanging knowledge geared towards the dissemination of sustainable tourism through ICTs, by F. González, O. Miralbell, M. G. Nel·lo and F. Romagosa


Didctica universitaria en entornos virtuales de enseanza aprendizaje, by G. Bautista, F. Borges and A. Fors. By Enric Serradell

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