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Ten Years of (Everyday) Life on the Screen: A Critical Re-reading of the Proposal of Sherry Turkle

Julio Meneses Naranjo (

Researcher with the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) at the UOC


Life on the Screen (Turkle, 1997) is one of those works that with time have earned itself a privileged place in many of the discourses about the Net, its uses and its possibilities. A common place of the uninitiated, even considered by some to be a reference work in the academic field, what is true is that, contrary to what one could expect, its conceptual proposal has not reached similar success in its specific field of research, namely that of identity. The result of the authors astonishment at the popularity of the work, this article aims to offer a sceptical view that, from the point of view of the evidence provided for the development of the discourse, questions its conclusions, at the least as an invitation to caution at the generalisation of its findings, finally putting forward the need for the removal of the false reality / virtuality dichotomy on which research such as the one in question is based, in the search for a rigorous analysis and study of (everyday) activity on the Net.


Internet, everyday life, social interaction, identity, reality, virtuality

Submission date: January 2006
Published in: March 2006

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