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Francisco J. Tirado, Martín Mora - Cyborgs y extituciones: nuevas formas para lo social

Cyborgs y extituciones: nuevas formas para lo social

Francisco Tirado and Martín Mora


This book examines the various forms of appearance of the social in the normative academic tradition up to the constitution of two contemporary figures: cyborgs and extitutions. With the cyborg, a figure that has been recently incorporated into the social sciences, it is possible to think of the event as a social form and to generate groups which, unlike institutions, accept the event as a possible form for their explanation: the extitutions. On the understanding that extitutions are like the global pole of cyborgs, a provocative new proposal is offered here to analyse the emerging social forms in this new century.


cyborg, institution, extitution, social theory, social psychology, sociology

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Title: Cyborgs y extituciones: nuevas formas para lo social
Authors: Francisco J. Tirado and Martín Mora
Publication: Mexico: University of Guadalajara, 2004
Subject: Social Sciences - Philosophy
ISBN: 970-27-0616-5


Introducción: Las formas de lo social
Primera parte: Socio-lógica del cyborg
Segunda parte: Socio-lógica de la extitución
Tercera parte: Reencuentros con la teoría social

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