TelSpain Conference
Trends in e-learning

Madrid, Friday 29 November 2013
EOI, Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6, Madrid


Telspain, the network of e-learning professionals in Spain, is delighted to present the first edition of the Trends in E-Learning Conference to be held in Madrid on 29 November. A unique opportunity to learn from acclaimed experts of the work at benchmark e-learning institutions throughout the world and analyse the trends that may mark the future in this field.

The Telspain Trends in E-Learning Conference will be divided into three simultaneous workshops that will later share their reflections during the conference plenary session and in a publication distributed at the end of the get-together.

At this first edition, the subjects to be discussed in each workshop will be:

  • MOOC

    What do we understand by MOOC? Are they the precursor to a disruptive change in e-learning? Are they profitable? What's their business model? Which MOOCs work best?
  • Technological platforms

    Which solutions dominate the current sector? Should we go with proprietary software or open-source software? What are the future technology trends: products, systems integration, SaaS, etc?
  • In-house e-learning

    How does online education benefit companies? Is in-house learning growing as a result of the recession? What does the future hold for in-house online learning?

Each workshop will begin with a lecture given by an acclaimed professional, who will go on to chair a debate between experts.

The debate, which will be broadcast with hashtag #telspain2013, also welcomes participation from the public in the room and all other interested parties on Twitter.