TelSpain Conference
Trends in e-learning

Madrid, Friday 29 November 2013
EOI, Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6, Madrid



Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson - Athabasca University

Terry Anderson is a professor at Athabasca University - Canada's Open University at the Centre for Distance Education, and is a former Canada Research Chair in Distance Education. Terry teaches education technology and research courses in the Masters and Doctorate of Distance Education programs. He is the past editor of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning – found at the following link: IRRODL, and the Director of the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research (CIDER). His education blog can be found at the following link:Virtual Canuck, and you can follow him on twitter @terguy. For more detailed information about Terry and his research publications see
Genís Roca
Genís Roca - Roca Salvatella

Partner and president of Roca Salvatella. An expert in how digital transformation is changing personal, professional and business environments. He is an acclaimed specialist in digital strategy, environment analysis and presence models. His work is to help companies understand the technological changes in terms of business and accompanies them as they explore new business opportunities. In 2013, the El Mundo newspaper voted him one of the twenty-five most influential Spaniards on the internet for his ability to interpret technological and socio-economic changes. In 2010, the Catalan Employers' Work Promotion named him speaker of the year.
Fabrizio Magnani
Fabrizio Magnani - Gartner

Magnani holds the post of Executive Partner on Gartner's executive programmes. From here, he advises and assists executives (particularly the chief information officers) with large corporations and government departments in Spain and EU agencies on matters relating to technology.
Magnani, who speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English, has an executive MBA from the ESIC Business School (Spain), is an economics graduate from the University of Parma (Italy) with a specialization in international marketing from the HUB-EHSAL Management School, Brussels (Belgium).
Albert Sangrà
Albert Sangrà - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Director of the eLearn Center at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and lecturer with the Psychology and Educational Sciences Department. A fellow researcher at Edul@b, ITC and Education Research Group, within the framework of the eLearn Center (UOC). He was director of the university master's in Education and ICT (e-learning) from 2006 to 2012.
His field of research is the use of ICT in education and learning and, in particular, the politics, organization, management and leadership in the implementation of e-learning and ensuring its quality. He has been a consultant for a number of virtual learning projects in Europe, America and Asia. He is currently vice-president of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL).
He holds a European doctorate from Rovira i Virgili University and is a graduate in Philosophy and Educational Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He also holds a postgraduate in Applications of Information Technology in Open and Distance Education from the Open University, United Kingdom, and a diploma in Strategic Use of IT in Education from the University of Harvard, the United States.
Llorenç Valverde
Dr. Llorenç Valverde - University of the Balearic Islands (UIB)

Llorenç Valverde (Felanitx, 1953) is a Mathematics graduate (1976) from the University of Barcelona and a doctor in IT (1982) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands since 1989. From 2006 to 2013, he was vice-president of Technology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. In 1985, he was awarded the Barcelona Prize for Studies and Research into Cognitive and Logical Science while a lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, of which he became chair in 1988. He has undertaken numerous research visits at universities and centres in Europe and the United States. Author of several scientific articles and editor of a number of books published by prestigious specialist publishers.
He worked as IT advisor to the Parliament of the Balearics from 1996 to 2010. He managed the team responsible for drawing up a strategic plan for Mallorca's incorporation into the information society (2001-2004). He was a member of the committee of experts responsible for creating the Green Paper on the information society for the government of the Balearics. He later held the post of director of the FOBSIC (Information Technology Observatory Foundation) of the Government of Catalonia from February 2005 to July 2006.
As vice-president of the UOC he led the teams responsible for a range of projects linked to the use of technology for education, including the evolution of the UOC's virtual campus, developed completely using open-source software, which has come to define a new generation of virtual learning environments, characterized by personalization, flexibility, modularity, standardization and interoperability.
Francesc Noguera
Francesc Noguera - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Experience: experience in medium and large services and industrial companies and in academia. He has worked in the local, national and international environment, particularly in Europe and the USA and South America. Always in the ICT field.
Duties: evolution from technical to managerial posts, creation of his own IT services company and assistant manager in the IT division.
Projects: software development project management, opportunity studies, benchmarking, creation and management of professional teams and design and development of an e-learning platform.
Daniel Burgos
Daniel Burgos - International University of La Rioja (UNIR)

Education: Dr IT Engineering, Dr Communication Sciences, graduate in Business Administration.
Career: vice president of Research and Technology and director of the Engineering Department at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). He is also professor of Technologies for Education and Communication, and holder of the Chair in Technological innovation. He is a member of the executive committee of Telspain and TELEARC (Spanish and European E-Learning Association) Specialization: social networks, mobiles, digital contents, sectorial technological innovation.
Collaboration: lecturer, mentor, advisor, counsellor.
Paloma Barba
Paloma Barba (Telefónica)

In her various professional undertakings, she has been working for 25 years in the transformation of Information and Communication Society Training and Education, actively participating in the management of the change from on-site and traditional distance learning to modern models of e-learning, blended learning, mobile learning, TV learning, ubiquitous learning, with the creation of new teaching models and methodologies: social learning, MOOCs, etc.
She joined TELEFÓNICA LEARNING SERVICES in 2004, as business director, working on major international training projects (400,000 users on various proprietary platforms, with millions of teaching hours given) and on pioneering projects for the education sector. Her clients: Telefónica, other corporations, public administrations and various organizations in the education sector: autonomous communities, primary schools, universities, etc.
As business manager of TLS she leads the department that runs and coordinates all the projects relating to consultancy, multi-device technical solutions and training actions design, educational proposals of teaching application with the use of ICT in the classroom, international teachers' meetings with the Telefónica Foundation, incorporation and management of education platforms (such as the Castilla La Mancha Regional Teacher Training Centre), design and implementation of different types of training and educational applications, solutions and contents, also the end customer (such as Classroom 365 for children, Spanish teaching apps for foreign children, Unx Network with MIT and UNED for training entrepreneurs, etc.).
As business manager, she also embraces all the operations and start-up of products, services and solutions, she is a member of the Telefónica Learning Services administration committee and in charge of new products and services innovation and creation, quality, technology (development, support and maintenance of applications, systems infrastructure, security), Student Services Centre, teaching materials development factory and multimedia content.
Magi Almirall
Magi Almirall (UOC)

Director of education technology at the UOC, Magí Almirall began in the field of the use of technology for education in 1991 as teaching technology support manager in the science faculties of the University of Barcelona. Since 1995, he has worked on the development of the UOC technology platform, primarily with the systems and technological evolution of the Virtual Campus. He has run the Education Technology team at the UOC since 2005, which has been behind the latest updates of the platform and teaching contents that have been developed taking into account the principles and methodology of standards, usability and accessibility. He team won the Digital Innovation Prize at the IGC 2006 conference and the IMS Gold 2008 prize for the best e-learning solution for mobiles.
Alex Little
Alex Little (Director Digital

Alex is a web developer specialising in educational technology for low resource environments. His focus now is on project development for Digital Campus. Previously, he lived in Ethiopia for 2 years working with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) establishing an elearning programme for Mekelle University. Alex spent over 7 years as a senior developer and researcher for the Open University (UK). Keep up to date with Alex's experiences on his blog, or email him at:
Maria Pilar Feliz Barrio
Maria Pilar Feliz Barrio (Gas Natural Fenosa)

Pilar Feliz, knowledge management and extended university manager in the Gas Natural Fenosa Group, has previously worked in companies in the chemical industry, Dow Chemical, FMCG, Carrefour, and in recent years in the energy industry with the Gas Natural Group, where she has held a number of posts in the sphere of organization and process improvement, shared human resources services centre and, for the last two years, in the Corporate University, as knowledge management and extended university manager.
Oscar del Moral
Oscar del Moral (EOI)

Director of Postgraduate and Executive Education at the EOI School of Industrial Organization. He was deputy dean at the EOI School of Industrial Organization
Academic coordinator in charge of the Business Area Postgraduate at the SAN PABLO CEU UNIVERSITY - CEU BUSINESS SCHOOL
Project director in Debates Society and Integral Training - CajaMadrid Charitable Foundation.
Dr. Miquel Duran Portas
Dr. Miquel Duran Portas (UdG)

Miquel Llevarán Portas (Maià de Montcal, Garrotxa, 1957) is a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Girona (UdG), where he teaches in the Faculty of Science, conducts research projects at the Institute of Computational Chemistry, is a member of the Scientific Culture and Digital Communication Chair and holds the post of commissioner of the president for the UdG2.0 Programme. As part of the UdG2.0 Programme, he heads up the range of MOOC courses at the UdG.
Luis de-la-Fuente-Valentín
Luis de-la-Fuente-Valentín (UNIR)

Luis de-la-Fuente-Valentín works as post-doctoral senior researcher at the International University of La Rioja. He is focused on the field of Technology-enhanced Learning, with various publications in international journals and conferences, and a strong background in learning standards and specifications, especially in IMS Learning Design, and learning analytics. Additional topics of expertise are information visualization, student centered learning systems, recomendations and mobile learning. He has also worked as teacher assistant in engineering courses. He holds a PhD in Telematics Engineering, and he is fluent in Spanish and English.
Óscar Alonso
Óscar Alonso (Penteo)

Óscar Alonso Llombart is a management IT engineer from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a master in software engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a postgraduate in data mining from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He has over 15 years' experience in the field of technology consultancy in areas such as business intelligence, datawarehousing, corporate performance management, social media, e-learning, development methodology implementation, etc. Oscar frequently participates in conferences, papers and round tables in the ICT sector, and he is the author of numerous studies and articles in the field of business applications and of relevant projects related to strategic support in ICT products and services selection and acquisition.
José Luis De Federico
José Luis De Federico Pérez-Cirera (Bizpills)

Current Post Profile: CEO of Bizpills
Years' experience: 14 years
• Education
- Undergraduate degree in Law. Complutense University of Madrid. (1991-1996)
- MBA. Business Institute.
- Master's in e-business. Business Institute.
- Master's in Commercial Management and Marketing. ESIC
- Master's in Direct and Interactive Marketing. ESIC
• Bizpills experience. (2001- current)
- Founder and CEO
- Coordination of directors and managers.
- Senior corporate decisions manager.
- Definition of corporate strategies at national and international level.
- Creation and adaptation of products for the market
- Definition of price policy
- Team management: motivation, development, active collaboration in implementation and monitoring of values, culture, etc.
- Monitoring of various projects and clients.
• Aranzadi Thomson Reuters. (1997-2000)
- Marketing manager.
- Definition and implementation of corporate strategy.
- Support for the Business Development Department.
- Design of marketing campaigns.
- Potential customer prospecting.