Information and Knowledge management

Study into the processes of knowledge creation and transmission in organizations as a key production factor. The following subjects are covered: competitive intelligence, competitive advantages of knowledge, creation and dissemination mechanisms, network social structures and social capital, the use of Web 2.0 tools and the informational behaviour of participants in these networks. It also specifically studies knowledge generation and transmission mechanisms in large-scale international science projects and the processes of communication, dissemination and transfer of science research, including digital repositories, science journals and academic conferences, the impact factor and open access. It also tackles aspects related to big data or science research driven partly or wholly by amateur or non-professional scientists. The subjects of competitive intelligence are researched in such fields as higher education or in relation to security or the economic development of territories and regions.

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KIMO: Knowledge and Information Management in Organizations

The researchers in this group cover various subject areas related to:

1) Strategic knowledge management

2) Social media and knowledge

3) New forms of creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge: big science and open science

4) Competitive intelligence

5) Data as new forms of knowledge generation, management and dissemination: big data, open data and open research data

Dr Agustí Canals Parera


Analysis of scientific production and patents: productivity and efficiency indicators

Dr Víctor Cavaller Reyes


Developing live and effective schools as Learning Organizations based on the ideas of the Threefold Social Order (Organism) 

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Dr Atanasi Daradoumis Haralabus