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Mariano Cebrián - Modelos de televisión: generalista, temática y convergente con Internet

Modelos de televisin: generalista, temtica y convergente con Internet

Mariano Cebrián


Television is undergoing expansion and transformation, increasing its social leverage and developing an increasingly diversified discourse in terms of programmes and channels via satellite, terrestrial airwaves or cable. This work looks at the changes taking place and offers a comprehensive analysis of the level complexity reached by television. The book looks closely at the study of technical innovations and the links to the communicative and discursive processes, and offers a clear but complete investigation of the characteristics of the three current models of television: generalist, thematic and convergent with the internet, as well as the synergies produced between them. It examines the extensive fields of content and services, the concentration and reciprocal convergence and reveals the increasing number of participants in the authoring of the discourse and the mutations taking place in the reception processes.

This is a vital work for finding out about the state of affairs and trends in television. As well as being of undoubted interest to the university community and communication professionals, it also offers fundamental knowledge for other scientific and professional fields and for all those interested in finding out more about the world we live in, given that television is now at the centre of social, political, economic and cultural dynamisms.


television, internet, multimedia, interactivity, reception processes

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Title: Modelos de televisin: generalista, temtica y convergente con Internet
Author: Mariano Cebrin Herreros
Imprint: Barcelona: Paids, 20
Series: Papeles de comunicacin (Paids); 41
Subject: Television, Television -- Social aspects, Television programmes -- Planning
ISBN: 84-493-1537-9


1. Expansin tcnico-comunicativa
2. Transformaciones estratgicas en el discurso generalista
3. Desarrollo del modelo multitemtico
4. Organizacin e identidad de los canales y ofertas
5. Campos temticos
6. Servicios multimedia e interactivos
7. Convergencia e integracin de contenidos y servicios
8. Modelo convergente de televisin e Internet
9. Los nuevos territorios televisivos
10. Concentracin de contenidos en organizaciones enunciadoras complejas y globales
11. Sinergias y estrategias de multiexplotacin simultnea de los tres modelos
12. Procesos de recepcin: telespectadores, usuarios, activistas e interactivistas

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