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Jordi Vilaseca - El Teletreball a Catalunya: conceptes, tipologies, mètriques i polítiques

El Teletreball a Catalunya: conceptes, tipologies, mtriques i poltiques

Jordi Vilaseca (coord.)


Currently, economic and business activity is characterised by significant changes affecting the foundations and dynamics of the behaviour of economic agents. In general terms, this transformational process is based on a technological revolution: the process of digitisation, taking place thanks to a dynamic that is increasing markets in terms of both space and time, ie, globalisation, forming a circle with the feedback from the changing patterns of demand from families and companies. This process has an obvious catalyst: the increasingly intangible nature of economic activities or, in other words, the progressive consolidation of a knowledge-based economy.

At companies, the uses of information and communication technologies are consolidating their position as basic tools for the development of the strategic and organisational change which adaptation to the changing needs brought on by todays global demands requires. In other words, the knowledge economy is moving into business activities in terms of two separate dynamics: centralisation of capital and decentralisation of productive activities, where the consolidation of networked companies and e-business are two obvious examples. In this context of change, the way we work is also undergoing significant change: the consolidation of networking in the knowledge economy is comparable to the effects of manufacturing in the industrial economy. This is the knowledge economys basic productive and organisational system. One of the best, and most controversial, examples of this paradigm of networking is teleworking.


teleworking, ICT, digitisation, knowledge economy

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Title: El Teletreball a Catalunya: conceptes, tipologies, mtriques i poltiques
Author: Jordi Vilaseca (coord.)
Publication: Barcelona: Consell de Treball, Econmic i Social de Catalunya, 2004
Collection: Collecci Estudis (Consell de Treball, Econmic i Social de Catalunya), iss. 6
Subject: Teleworking ―Catalonia―
ISBN: 84-393-6670-1


1. El teletreball: definici i problemtica
2. El regim jurdic del teletreball
3. Les dimensions econmiques i socials del teletreball
4. Mtriques i experincies exteriors
5. Propostes de futur

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