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Food Systems, Culture and Society
Food Systems, Culture and Society

We prepare people to meet the demand for well-trained food systems leaders and analysts

Agriculture and food are diverse sectors that are facing rapid change. From climate change to shifting demographics, from new technologies to new social movements, our food systems are in flux. Amidst this change, we cannot forget that food is a primary need, it makes up the world's largest industry and it plays a central role in culture and society.

At the UOC, we approach the study of food through a study of systems. Food systems are the organization of the production, processing, distribution, selection and consumption of food.

Master's degrees and postgraduate programmes

UOC Voices - What students say

“I attended the UOC course on Food Security: assessment and action. The course attracted me becasue I was interested in exploring in depth the best way to assess the food security problems of a population and how to plan relevant action according to it.”

Veronica Lazzari, Italy

Collaborating institutions

Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (University of Missouri)     Michigan State University