More facts and figures

Facts & figures

More facts and figures

In-company training

UOC Corporate

Research and innovation

R&I activity focusing on the information and knowledge society and e-learning

48 research groups and over 400 researchers

Three research centres and a Doctoral School

Three research centres and a Doctoral School

A unique model

You will learn actively, constantly accompanied by the teaching team, in collaboration with your classmates, with support from tools and resources, and with competency-based assessment.


«The people here really support you»

Amna Qureshi, doctoral programme in Network and Information Technology

Get to know the educational model

Endorsed by students

93% would choose the UOC again.

77% would recommend the UOC.

Recognized by companies

93% employment rate

International awards

Two gold awards, one silver, one bronze and one for leadership at the Learning Impact Awards.

Focused on the future

A model that prepares you to be a global citizen.