What is online postgraduate education?

Improve your career prospects and boost your value on the job market through online postgraduate education at the UOC. 

With our unique learning method you can manage your time as per your needs, with support from the teaching staff available at all times.


No classes or timetables

Format: 100% online

ECTS credits: between 10 and 36

Online postgraduate programmes by field

If you do an online postgraduate programme at the UOC, you'll learn using the wide variety of resources available on the Virtual Campus.

At all times you can count on the support of a tutor as well as personalized guidance from the teaching staff, and you'll be able to share perspectives and learning with your fellow students.


Our postgraduate fields of study are: arts and humanities; computer science, multimedia and telecommunications; design, creation and multimedia; economics and business; health sciences; information and communication sciences; law and political science; psychology and education sciences; and tourism.

Do a postgraduate programme online at the UOC

UOC online postgraduate programmes are geared towards the development of competencies required for in-demand professions. They have been designed with society's latest trends in mind and will help you achieve career progression.

Postgraduate programmes

Our online postgraduate programmes can help spark your career, providing you with a competitive edge.

Online lifelong learning master's programmes

Higher education with a professional outlook, developing the competencies that employers are looking for. UOC lifelong learning master's programmes allow you to study at your own pace, in combination with your personal and professional life.


Our specializations  are short courses with a high degree of specialization.

Postgraduate courses

Short higher education programmes concentrating on what interests you most.

Study online

At the UOC, the teaching staff and tutors are with you at all times.


Why choose the UOC?

Recommended by our graduates

87% would choose the UOC again.

81% are happy with their qualification.




Study and work.

Companies know us.


Educational model

A key characteristic of the UOC is its educational model: high-quality online methods that base everything around the student and their learning activities. UOC students are highly active learners.

International awards

We have received awards for our online methodology, our involvement in research projects, our commitment to society and our record for quality in digital learning.



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