What are online lifelong learning master's programmes?

At the UOC we have a variety of lifelong learning master's programmes with which you can expand your knowledge and improve your professional competencies.

These master's programmes enable you to specialize in high-demand professional fields, using an innovative learning method that lets you progress at your own pace.

No classes or timetables

Format: 100% online

ECTS credits: between 60 and 66


Why do a lifelong learning master's programme?

The UOC has designed numerous lifelong learning master's programmes. Their focus on professional competencies means that your learning dovetails with your career progression. Combine your studies with employment: the UOC lets you study at your own pace, in combination with work and other parts of your life. With UOC lifelong learning master's programmes, you can specialize in your field and achieve professional growth. Unlike official online master's programmes, a lifelong learning master's degree is a unique qualification certified by the UOC.

Study online

At the UOC, the teaching staff and tutors are with you at all times.


Why choose the UOC?

Recommended by our graduates

85% would choose the UOC again.

84% are happy with their qualification.




Study and work.

Companies know us.


Educational model

A key characteristic of the UOC is its educational model: high-quality online methods that base everything around the student and their learning activities. UOC students are highly active learners.

International awards

We have received awards for our online methodology, our involvement in research projects, our commitment to society and our record for quality in digital learning.



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