S'inaugura el Cicle de Seminaris Interdisciplinaris de l'IN3

This series of informal seminars aims to break away from the serious approach often seen at this type of event and promote team-building and exchange between research groups from different disciplines in a relaxed atmosphere.

The first session of the IN3 Interdisciplinary Seminars titled “Citizen Involvement and Network Communication Technologies” took place on 14 June.

This first session involved the K-riptography and Information Security for Open Networks [KISON] and Communication Networks & Social Change [CNSC] groups. The projects led by each of the groups were briefly presented: KISON’s SmartGlacis project and CNSC’s Decidim Digital Participation Platform project.

These presentations were followed by an open-floor discussion with the other IN3 staff and research group members present. It focused on various aspects related to the analysis of the different emerging forms of political participation in the digital age. These aspects included privacy and security of communications; participation, display and analysis of open data and access to public information; open development; public/common digital infrastructures; methods of political involvement and connecting with the surrounding territory; and other interdisciplinary issues.

This series of seminars aims to boost interdisciplinary research among the University’s different research groups, showcasing various projects carried out jointly.