Devolpment cooperation and social implication

The UOC’s Development Cooperation office works to promote and aid university development cooperation (UDC) and to contribute, as a university, to the human development of societies through teaching and research.

Despite the fact that the rise of the internet and ICT have created many new opportunities, there is still unequal access to education and knowledge around the world. This is why, alongside the University’s internationalization strategy, the Development Cooperation office is making efforts to reduce the social and educational divide.

Faced with the new challenges set out in the United Nations' Development agenda beyond 2015, the University’s mission is to aid access to higher education for everyone and break the vicious circle of inequality in order to bring about transformative change in society.

Main aims

Some of the Development Cooperation office’s main aims include:

  • Ensure the institution’s positioning respects the lines set for cooperation.
  • Guarantee the transmission of cooperative values throughout the university community and society, providing a critical and transformative perspective.
  • Promote cooperation as a key competence in the academic programmes.
  • Foster social action and volunteering.
  • Aid access to knowledge.
  • Stimulate relations and collaborations with bodies, institutions and NGOs that form part of the surrounding social fabric.
  • Align the social action with the University Social Responsibility Master Plan.
  • Monitor the research’s social impact.
  • Support the search for funding for university development cooperation projects.