Teacher training

The eLC is offering a faculty development programme specially for UOC teaching staff.

This programme is being spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President for Teaching and Learning to respond to the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme recommendations regarding the training of university teaching staff.

The programme's objective is to boost the development of essential teaching skills so that faculty can perform their academic activities to the standards of excellence and quality required by the UOC.

This programme will keep UOC teaching staff permanently up to date, qualifying them to act as leaders and influencers in online teaching.

The programme includes the following course options to cater for different UOC teaching profiles and different levels of skill development:

Support for learning design

Expert advice

Expert advice

To assist in putting educational innovation and transfer projects into place, an expert-guided mentoring process has been developed to advise teaching staff in four key aspects of course design:

1. Designing contextualized learning activities.

2. Linking skills with activities and producing assessable learning results.

3. Identifying and curating learning resources.

4. Distributing students' time allocation based on the type, volume and relevance of activities.