Diana Roig Sanz and the GlobaLS research group join the IN3

Diana Roig Sanz – a member of the UOC’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities whose expertise is in global literature and cultural transfer, the sociology of translation and the use of digital methods applied to historical objects – has joined the IN3. A recipient of an ERC Starting Grant and a Ramn y Cajal fellow, Roig Sanz is currently one of the very few scholars in Catalonia, Spain and Latin America to be combining macro- and micro-historical analyses with KDD (knowledge discovery in databases) and big data approaches.

Roig Sanz leads the Global Literary Studies Research Group (GlobaLS), which examines literary history from a global perspective, a research approach that looks at cross-border cultural and literary phenomena, beyond the national framework. The group has four main scientific objectives: 1) to review existing theoretical frameworks on the notion of that which is ‘global’ in order to makes advances with the application of this concept in Literary Studies, taking on new analytical units such as cities, regions, rivers, seas, and oceans; 2) to promote the global study of literature from an interdisciplinary perspective within the Humanities and Social Sciences; 3) to contribute to the analysis of literary processes, places and actors at a local and global scale through different case studies; and 4) to contribute to the advancement of the global study of literature using macro- and micro-historical analyses and computational tools within a Digital Humanities framework. These scientific objectives will be tested through a triple research focus: Global Literary Environments, The Global Novel and Global Translation Flows.


More information about the GlobaLS research group.



Photograph of Diana Roig

Diana Roig Sanz

Professor in the Arts and Humanities Department

Expert in: Arts and Humanities, Digital humanities, cultural history and sociology of translation.

Knowledge area: Arts and Humanities.

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