The Intranet

The OSRT intranet is a space created to provide information about the UOC’s R+D+I activity and provide more support to research staff, reinforcing the service offered.

Most important among the applications that can be found there are the calendar of planned application processes, which can be installed on a computer or any mobile device, and a search engine making information, documentation and helping OSRT staff available to users to carry out procedures related to the development of R+D+I activities.

To resolve queries, the intranet incorporates answers to more than 350 “Frequently Asked Questions”. Questions such as: “What steps must be taken to present a proposal for an external grant?”, “What support can the OSRT give me for planning my project?” or “What is an internal application and when does it need to be made for a lecturer/researcher to be accepted for a stay at the UOC?” can be consulted on this website.

The OSRT intranet is only accessible to teaching and research staff and management staff who carry out R+D+I activities. 

This whole series of measures are intended to make the day-to-day life of UOC research staff easier and, at the same time, strengthen communication between members of the community. It also includes a “wall”, where users can contribute ideas, suggestions and proposals and, in addition, can be constantly connected via the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.