The Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus is the environment where learning happens and the University community's life takes place. You will find the virtual classrooms with the course instructor and your fellow students, procedures, your personal area, the Help Service, the participation and interrelation sections, etc.

Welcome to the UOC Virtual Campus
To help you become acquainted with the Campus, we recommend that you take a look at all the sections.
How to enter

To enter the Virtual Campus, you will have a personalized profile based on the courses of study you follow. If you wish to enrol on an official bachelor's degree or university master's degree course, you will initially have an admission profile so that you can access all the necessary information about the UOC. After completing enrolment, we will activate your student profile, which will give you access to all of the Campus's resources.

What you will find there

From the Virtual Campus, you will have access to all the sections and resources you need for teaching, performing procedures, contacting the other members of the University community or having your queries answered. It is organized in five main sections:

1# Classrooms
To access directly each course's classroom. Inside, you will find different sections and resources; the course plan timetable, the activities' focus, access to the learning resources, the noticeboard, the forum, etc.

2# Personal area
Where you will find everything that is yours: your academic record, your programme of studies, the learning resources you have used in the courses, your profile, and so on. For example, from here you can view the status of your payments or update your personal data.

3# Procedures

To access the procedure directly or search for any procedure you are interested in; enrol on courses or ask for a certificate, among others.

4# Library
A direct access to the Library's website to ask for books on loan, consult the catalogue or ask for assistance from a specialized librarian.

5# More UOC
To learn more about your university and take part in university life. To find out what are the students' representative bodies, which cooperation projects we support, how to take part in the university sports championships or what is the current course offering.
It includes a news and interview section to keep up-to-date with what's going on!

Within the Campus, the Help Service is always available from any section.

And you also have tools to help you plan and communicate, such as the mailbox, the agenda, etc.

Personalization resources

From the Campus home page, you will be able to:

Configure the home page modules. You can add more using the Add information option in My UOC, drag them and change the colours.

Select the Campus language, using a drop-down menu that you will find at the top of the Campus. You can choose between Catalan, Spanish and English.

Furthermore, in your Personal area, you can change the language in which you wish to receive the messages that the university will send you. You can choose between Catalan, Spanish and English, the UOC's official languages.

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UOC students around the world


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