And afterwards?

Afterwards, UOC Alumni awaits you, helping you get the best in professional terms from the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your education and contributing to your career growth.

What is UOC Alumni?

UOC Alumni is a network of UOC graduates, with more than 67,000 graduates in 100 countries connected with more than 20,000 companies. Its mission is to accompany the UOC's students in their lifelong learning and continual professional growth.

UOC Alumni offers all UOC graduates a job banks and a career guidance and entrepreneurship service. There is also a Premium version that offers a wider scope and improved mentoring.

What resources does the UOC offer me to find work?

With the Premium services, you will receive mentoring and individualized guidance at each step, adapted to your current career situation. You will be able to revamp your CV and receive recommendations on how to manage it on the social media, learn how to handle a job interview or refocus your career. You will also have the possibility of sending queries to experts who will answer you promptly with helpful information for your career.

You will be able to constantly update your knowledge through online professional seminars, industry-specific contents and access to the Virtual Library. And you will benefit from discounts of up to 15% on courses at the UOC, which can be combined with other discounts offered by the University.

You will also be able to take part in different Alumni activities and be included in a professional directory that will enable you to broaden your network of contacts. And if you're an entrepreneur, you will find the support and the individualized counselling you will need to prepare yourself and create a business plan.

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Will I have access to the learning resources I used during my course?

When you complete your course of study, you will be able to continue accessing the Virtual Campus and consult whenever you want the learning resources of the courses you have already passed, in all the languages available and in the most up-to-date version. Just go to Personal area / Learning Resources.

And remember that the UOC has an extensive course offering, with new opportunities to broaden your knowledge.

UOC students around the world

UOC students around the world


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