The educational model

The UOC's educational model has been the University's hallmark since its beginnings. It was created with the goal of offering an effective solution for the educational needs of people engaged in lifelong learning and to optimally leverage the potential offered by the Internet to learn in a flexible environment.

How do we teach and learn at the UOC?
The UOC's educational model adapts to students' needs and allows them to develop professionally relevant skills.

It is a dynamic model that is continuously incorporating new e-learning trends.

What are the distinctive features of our educational model?

The UOC has developed a proprietary educational model with the following main characteristics:

  • Dynamic and flexible: it adapts and evolves continuously over time, allowing students to approach learning in a similar way to how they work and communicate on the Internet.
  • Focussed on the student and the learning activity: it revolves around learning contexts that combine resource diversity and work dynamics based on faculty mentoring and interaction with fellow students. 
  • Continuous, constructive assessment: the assessment activities facilitate attainment of learning objectives and skill development. 
  • Collaborative learning: focussed on participation and collective knowledge-building, seeking a balance between the student's individual involvement and cooperation with others.
  • Mentoring: the student is mentored by specialized faculty whose primary functions are to design, guide, promote and evaluate the entire educational process.

The environment where all these elements converge and interact is the UOC's Virtual Campus, which provides access to the virtual classrooms. 

What are its components?

Learning activity provides the core of the educational model. To support this learning activity, there are three main components: the mentoring provided by the faculty, cooperation through networking, and the tools and resources.

The educational model

How does this model evolve?

Ours is a living educational model because it is always evolving, thanks to applied research, innovation and the incorporation of new e-learning trends.

The eLearn Center (eLC) drives this evolution forward and leads the change in educational model. The eLC is the tool used by the UOC to facilitate applied research in e-learning, foster innovation in this field and communicate both inside and outside of the institution the value of e-learning as an integral part of the University's identity.

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