Know the eHealth Center

The eHealth Center is a transdisciplinary academic centre that generates and transfers knowledge on digital health. The eHealth Center works on high social impact projects, cooperating with national and international organizations to develop, implement and evaluate models that help empower citizens and professionals. It performs this task through the use of information and communication necessary to address the health and quality of life challenges that will emerge in coming decades.

In fact, the UOC's commitment to the field of digital healthcare goes back to 2001, when the UOC set up the Project Internet Catalonia (a pioneering project in Europe that has won various awards) under the leadership of Manuel Castells, with the aim of analysing the impact of ICT in various spheres of society and human activity. Specifically one of the dimensions of the analysis took place in the field of health and healthcare. This was the start of a long journey of multidisciplinary research projects in the field of digital healthcare, well-being and quality of life.