The UOC graduation ceremonies will be held in on-site and online formats in November.

This year's graduation ceremonies will take place in on-site and online formats, and graduates whose academic records were closed between November 15th 2022 and September 23th 2024 will be invited to attend.

Please bear the following points in mind:

  • You can choose between attending in person or online.
  • You will have to select the ceremony according to the city where it is to be held. The graduation ceremony in Barcelona will take place in Catalan, and the one in Madrid will take place in Spanish. They will both take place in the evening.

We will invite you to the graduation ceremonies in 2025 if the closing date of your academic record is after 23th September 2024.

Students assigned to this ceremony will not be able to attend subsequent ceremonies, as the invitation is linked to the closure of your academic record.

What is the difference between registration for the on-site and online formats?

If you choose the on-site format, you will be able to attend the graduation ceremony in person, with a maximum of two guests. You will be seated with classmates from your academic year.

If you select the online format, you can take an active part in the graduation ceremony from anywhere you like with the rest of the classmates from your academic year.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the ceremony. If this should happen, the ceremony will take place at a later date when circumstances allow.

Registration procedure

In middle October you will receive an email from the president with the username, password and instructions to register to this year's ceremonies.You can choose between Barcelona and Madrid, and between the on-site or online format. You will receive a registration confirmation message after filling out the form.If you have chosen the on-site format, you will receive the entrance pass by email a few days before the ceremony, and you will use this for access to the venue hosting the on-site ceremony. The entrance passes for your guests will be included in the same email.If you have chosen to take part online, you will receive the link to connect and instructions on how to join and take part.

Registration opens in October. The closing date depends on the ceremony you plan to attend.

In the event that registrations reach the capacity limit, these registration deadlines may be modified.

Anyone whose academic record was closed between 15 November 2022 and 23 September 2024 is invited to attend this year's graduation ceremonies.

The graduation ceremonies in Barcelona take place in Catalan, and the graduation ceremonies in Madrid are held in Spanish.

In this case, you will have to choose which faculty you want to graduate from. You will have to make this choice when the registration period for the ceremony opens, on submitting your registration using the form you will find on the website.


Please bear in mind that you will be sitting with your classmates from the programme you have chosen, in alphabetical order.

Whenever you have any queries about an academic issue that affects your participation in the graduation ceremony, log into the campus and send your enquiry to the Help Service. They will give you information about the status of your academic record and this will tell you if you are eligible to attend the ceremony. If you are eligible to attend, they will notify us so that we can include you, and we will contact you.

Entrance pass management and seat allocation

Taking into account the capacity of the venues where the ceremonies are going to be held (the Auditori Fòrum in Barcelona and the Estación Gran Teatro Caixabank Príncipe Pío in Madrid), you can choose a maximum of two guests per graduate.

In order to comply with the safety measures in place at this year's graduation ceremonies, each child counts as a guest and will need a seat.This applies for children aged 3 or over.

If you have chosen the on-site format you will receive your ticket by email a few days beforehand, together with the instructions for access to the ceremony. We advise you to have the entrance passes easily to hand.

If you have chosen the online format you will receive a link by email a few days before the ceremony you have chosen, together with the instructions to be able to take part.

The entrance passes for your guests will be included in the same email sent with yours.If you have chosen the online format, a few days beforehand you will receive a link by email to be able to take part, together with the instructions.

Graduates and their guests sit in different areas of the hall. The way the ceremony is organized means you cannot choose your seats. It is very important that those attending the ceremony sit in the seats that the organizers have allocated to them.

If you have special needs, when registering you will find a space for comments where you can state what these are. For other queries, contact the Help Service / Graduation ceremonies on Campus.

Graduation day

On graduation day, you need to arrive at the event venue with your ticket and those of your guests easily to hand, and in good time to enter the hall. Please follow the instructions of staff, who will supervise the event to ensure that it proceeds correctly.Doors will open early enough to allow staggered access, so we recommend arriving at the venue early.

Follow the entry and exit paths: they will be clearly indicated.

Graduates will be called up from each faculty in turn. This means it is very important that you sit in the seat assigned to you.

You will receive a commemorative print and various items that enable you to participate in the graduation ceremony's new format.

Those of you who choose the online format will also be able to take an active part in the event and throw your virtual mortarboard wherever you may be. We'll send you more instructions in due course.

If you have registered for the online format, a few days before the event you will receive the instructions to participate and to be able to follow the ceremony.

The ceremony lasts approximately an hour and a half. Please bear in mind that this could vary depending on the dynamics and the number of graduates attending the event.

During the ceremony you will receive a commemorative memento certifying that you are one of the graduates of the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 year group.

This memento is produced exclusively for the in-person graduation ceremony, and will not be sent out afterwards.

The organizers of the UOC's graduation ceremonies aim to cater for all the special needs that the people attending may have. You must state any special needs in the registration form so that we can plan appropriately. For other queries, contact the Help service / Graduation ceremonies on Campus.

You can, but please bear in mind that you cannot take the pushchair into the hall.The venues have an area where you can store it during the ceremony.

Other aspects

No, there is no specific dress code. However, as this is an academic event, we recommend that you wear formal dress, regardless of the format in which you are going to participate.

We will publish the photos and videos on this website a few days after the graduation ceremony. You will also find photos and videos from previous years here.

Follow the instructions given by hall staff and to occupy the seats assigned to you.

Do not attend the ceremony if you or your guests have or have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the days leading up to the event, or if you have been in close contact with people with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19 in the previous 10 days.

Please consult the regulations of the Auditori Fòrum in Barcelona and the WiZink Center in Madrid on their websites for more information.